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snow scene aspley guise

This is where Dixylan British live during the Summer months ( Winter Scene in  Aspley Guise Bedfordshire ) During the British Winter we go to our spanish home Near Alicante and our cats travel with us.

Dixylan British are now in Europe !  

Check out availability of Kittens from our Spanish Cattery. Hi welcome to Dixylan British Shorthairs, my name is Jeanette and I have a been breeding British Shorthairs since 1992 and registered my Prefix with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy in 1996. 

16 years ago I purchased my first British Colourpointed and fell in love immediately, I mainly breed British colourpointed but so still have my British Blue and British lilac girls. We also breed Devon Rex.

In 2005 I introduced tabby Colourpointed into my line, I started a Lilac Tabby girl carrying colourpointed and eventually I produced my first Lilac tabby colourpionted Male and a Lilac tabby colourpointed female, these two were my foundation tabbies, and appear in all of my tabby lines.

In 2009 I introduced the British Colourpointed and White into my lines a completely new pattern for the Colourpointed and one that has taken some time to establish, I have enjoyed being a part of something new and will continue to improve this pattern. I joined the committee for the Colourpointed British Shorthair Cat Club in 2012 but due to personal commitments left in 2014 we both enjoyed our 3 shows behind the coffee shop counter at the clubs yearly club show, providing bacon buttes for the club members.

More recently I have registered the Dixylan prefix with Tica

 ( The International Cat Association ) and really enjoy the different ways in which they judge cats, and have some great friends from this section of the cat fancy.

I have lived here 13 years in January  2014 and 6 years  ago we opened our Boarding Cattery and I am now busy looking after Village cats all year round.


I have a new partner alan and we are very much team, so much so that when I am not looking after my cat family my time is spent helping him with his business as a Health & Safety Consultant, 

www.workplace-safety.co.uk we have been together 3 years now are very happy, he is a darling when it comes to the cats, and is happy learning to be a midwife !!

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