About our kittens

All of our kittens are raised under foot, aound our mad Cocker Spaniels, Darcy and Paddy, We try to socialise our kittens to everything in our home, so that when they arrive with new owners they are happy with most household noises.

We have a dedicated kitten nursery with toys,scratch posts, radio lots of beds and heating. When the kittens have had there first health check with our vet at 9 weeks they will also have there 1st course of vaccine, we sometimes depending on the time of year move them into our indoor cattery which has a kitten nursery with all the same play things toys, radio and tv ! 

At 12 weeks of age our vet will visit the kittens for there final injection, and 2nd health check.

All of our kittens come with a Starter pack of food and litter and come with free 4 weeks pet plan Insurance.

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